Amazon Trade-in Value Tracker

13 Apr 2011

This was a project that actually begin back in the summer of '09. At the time Amazon had introduced a trade-in system with some pretty tempting promotions. However, there were limitations in that you could only see the most recent trade-in value with no ability for a history or a way to detect changes. Thus, the ativ tracker was born.

Over a year later and with nearly 700,000 values tracked, the tracker is still chugging along but needed a new coat of paint. It's been updated with a new theme, some background improvements, better mobile optimizations, and charting utilizing RaphaëlJS.

A lot of sweat and hard work was put into this project to make it easy to track trade-in values. So if you have some old games sitting in your closet, why not consider checking out the tracker and turning your games into Amazon credit?