A new beginning

19 Jan 2010

You've undoubtedly reached this site through either word of mouth, or via my personal blog, but I'd like to formally welcome you to the new scurker.com! I've been hard at work over the past week in order to get everything up and running and am happy to finally be at this point.

One of my big reasons for rolling over to a new design was the limitations my old site was giving me. I wanted to have a new fresher design in addition to having more flexibility with the content on the site. Now with the addition of wordpress, I can easily outline new projects or post about some dramatic revolution in web design. In addition the new site will help me give a better showcase for my skills and abilities for any future clients and/or employers.

You are not seeing the final version of this roll-out, but features will slowly be added as I get time. Please feel free to post a comment if you notice any issues, or contact me if you have any opportunities you would like to discuss.